BMW E92 M3 ECU Tuning

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BMW S65B40 – +20-25 hp / 20 lb.ft

An ECU tune which has been offered for over a decade with cars running the tune across the world flawlessly and delivering unrivalled drivability and performance.

Independent Dyno Test:
OEM Headers, Primary DeCAT – Before and After Infinity Tune
Peak Gains – +20hp
Max Gains – 25hp @ 5000-6500rpm, 20lb.ft @ 4000-6000rpm

The BMW S65 engine responds incredibly well to tuning with safe changes made to ignition, vanos and torque maps.

A significant, realistic and repeatable peak 25 hp @ 6250rpm gain with 20lb.ft @ 6250rpm torque is achieved with a peak gain of 20hp @ 8300rpm.

Questions may be raised as to why the gains are only above 4750rpm.
Gains are made from 4750rpm onwards only since the S65 engine does not gain power from ECU tuning below 5000rpm with the already high ignition targets and valve overlap settings from the factory. This is a small displacement engine with a high rpm limit.
Many tuners show gains from low rpm all the way to the high rpm, which is not possible. Therefore most tuners graphs are phase shifted and showing an exaggerated gain overall.

Aside from the power gains from 5000 rpm onwards the tune is accompanied by sharper throttle response and a smoother overall power delivery.

Tuning is supplied remotely and supplied with an OBDII cable with software.

About Infinity Design:
Infinity Design is best known for their equal length 5-1 headers for the BMW S85B50 engine fitted in the M Power E60/E61/E63/E64 chassis. Owner, Salman Janjua, was the co-founder of Evolve Automotive where he was head of development and engineering with most of his work aimed at developing and testing ECU tuning for BMW Sportscars. He has a well-decorated background in both dyno & road tuning with the aim to create a vast range of options and a reliable but powerful tune that translates to real performance on the road and not just dyno numbers.