Infinity Design ECU Tuning (S85)

From $500.00


Infinity Design is best known for their equal length 5-1 headers for the BMW S85B50 engine fitted in the M Power E60/E61/E63/E64 chassis. Owner, Salman Janjua, was the co-founder of Evolve Automotive where he was head of development and engineering with most of his work aimed at developing and testing ECU tuning for BMW Sports cars. He has a well decorated background in both dyno & road tuning with the aim to create a vast range of options and a reliable but powerful tune which translates to real performance on the road and not just dyno numbers.

The Infinity Design Tune is not just a case of increased timing and playing with target AFR’s like many tuners but a far more sophisticated approach using map smoothing, accurate torque control to create a driving experience which not only delivers more power but improved throttle response and overall efficiency. While performance gains will vary from one engine to the next, horsepower gains of 25-30 HP can be expected on a stock engine without any supporting bolt-on upgrades. Purchase with confidence because the Infinity Design Tune is hands down the best tune being offered in the market.

Free Options Included with this tune are

  • Vmax removal
  • Cold start delete
  • CEL Suppression for CAT Deletes
  • BackFire mod (where applicable)
  • RPM Limit increase
  • Sport memory