Rms Fabrications BMW E60 M5/M6 vband Decat Headers

From $1,380.00


Introducing for the first time exclusively here at ///M Power Motorsports, the Rms Fabrications vband Decat Headers.

One of the largest restrictions in the S85’s airflow path is the close-coupled catalytic converters located in the headers.  For over 6 years Rms has offered the highest quality, best bang for your buck solution for header replacement in the world. Our unique acid stripping program fully restores your OEM headers to provide a like new finish to ensure gasket sealing and pristine weld quality.  Unlike others who shy away from close up shots, we thrive on showing you all the detailed quality up close!

Concerned about losing that v10 sound? Not to worry, the vband decat headers retain that v10 sound from the s85 engine we all know and love!  Using the OEM primaries ensure excellent mid range torque, perfect fitment, and an unbeatable price.

With over 400 happy customers worldwide, unparalleled customer service, and 13 years of world class aerospace repair welding experience you can be sure you’re getting the HIGHEST weld quality money can buy.

The headers should be purchased with the “Infinity Design Tune” for 02 Readiness Override and get the SES light removed.

The core charge is refundable upon the customer returning their OEM set back to us for a refund of $450 USD